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Dr. Roberto Poli

Full Professor – Philosophy of Science and Social Foresight UNIVERSITY OF TRENTO, ITALY.


Roberto Poli (PhD Utrecht), Full Professor of Philosophy of Science, has obtained the UNESCO Chair on Anticipatory Systems. Poli teaches Social Foresight and Epistemology of the Social Sciences; he directs the Master in Social Foresight of the University of Trento, currently in its eighth edition. Roberto is a fellow of STIAS — Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study. 

He is the President of AFI-the association of Italian Futurists, and Skopìa, a company offering professional anticipation services. Roberto is editor-in-chief of Axiomathes (Springer) and belongs to the editorial committees of many journals (including Futures and the European Journal of Future Research). Roberto Poli has published 7 volumes; the last is Working with the future, Milan, Bocconi University Press 2019. 

He is editor-in-chief of the Handbook of Anticipation (Springer). He has edited more than 20 volumes or special issues of journals and published more than 250 scientific paper

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